Welcome to Ideal Nutritional Foods

Ideal Nutritional Foods is a B to B business, supplying the top European baby foods brands with aqua-cultural raw materials.

The quality of the fish used in baby food is extremely important.  Every fish ingredient we source, select and supply to our customers is carefully farmed and meets the very highest baby grade standards.  Unlike non-baby alternatives, all the fish ingredients we supply to the baby food industry has to pass strict tests so that it’s best for babies.

What we do 

Nutrition & Diet

Fish is a great source of protein needed for growth, and oily fish such as salmon and fresh tuna are rich in essential omega-3 fats.  Our experts are able to advise on the best, in season fish for different baby food recipes.


We supply such products as Salmon, Hake, Tuna, Plaice, Saithe, Sea Bass, Trout,  Sea Bream and many more, as fillets or co-products in blocks or IQF.  If there is a specific type of fish that you would like, please get in touch.


Our products are sourced from trusted suppliers and follow strict inspection procedures before being released.  We have long standing relationships with our customers, which evidences on our high level of service.